Generation MS SUCKS DICK
Server not going up. Play a fun server known as generation ms

Generation MS SUCKS DICK

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 Voting ~~~~~

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PostSubject: Voting ~~~~~   Thu May 21, 2009 5:40 am

Okay so since our account on xtremetop100 has been frozen, none of you have been able to vote. Now I thank all of you for helping and supporting and everything so I'm still going to open the server.

I will add a new xtremetop100 account tommorow and hopefully we will get on the front page within a day =)

I was playing this server called SmOkyMS And it was pretty fun , It's down alot though.
I promised one of the GM's there that I would post a vote link here for you guys.


Please vote for them, they're really good people. If you all vote for them I'll released the server 3 days early and make all the GM Rank 3 Instead of 2.
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Voting ~~~~~
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