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Generation MS SUCKS DICK

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 Hagos - GM/Admin/Staff App

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PostSubject: Hagos - GM/Admin/Staff App   Thu May 14, 2009 6:20 pm

Name: Daniel aka Hagos

Age: 17 - 18 in October

Interests/Hobbies: I like to ride motocross, hang out with mates & my girlfriend, like to party, like to play video games & I am fairly out going but am also indoors on the computer a lot

Why do you want to be Staff for GMStory: I want to be a GM because I see true potential in this server & I would like to be a part of helping this server reach it's true potential, I have created my own server before so I have a general idea of what I am doing, I have been a GM and Admin in other private servers, & I am no noob, I like to help people around with their maple problems and I like to host events.

Why should we pick you: I think you should pick me because of my experience & because I see this being a great server & would greatly like to help this server be one of the best servers there is

If hired for the job you applied for, what benefits will you bring us? I can answer this question in one word...experience

List the previous servers you worked with:
InsomniaMS (creator)
YourlilMS (admin)
UglyMS (me & my old room mate had 1 GM account created to share between us)

Other additional comments and information about yourself: even if I am not picked, id still like to play & be a part of this server because as I said, I see true potential
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Hagos - GM/Admin/Staff App
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